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Dhananjoy Mandal, Film Director

4 International & 2 National awards Winning film director from west Bengal, India.
He is a self-taught film maker He is making Documentaries, Short and Feature films for about 2 decades. Altogether 31 films have in his credit (excluding AD films). His films had Participated numbers of national and International Film Festivals at home and aboard. His films regularly screens in various International Film Festivals around the world.

Important Films :-

Internationally most acclaimed feature Film

FIPRESCI Award ( International Critic award ) winning film :-

Talnabami ( The Festival) ( In Bengali with English Subtitle ) had participated in 13 International Film Festivals

Mela ( Fair) – Feature film in Bengali had participated in 2 International Film Festivals

Movie 25 Award for Best Short Fiction film winner

Padma Patar Jal (But Ephemeral ) had participated 7 International Film Festivals

Documentaries :-

3 International & 2 National Award winner A Silent Killer which had participated 23 International Festivals, and A Journey With Kakmaras Indian Panorama, International Film festival of India & other 4 Festivals, Gangasagar- Participating had participated 7 Int. Film Festivals, and “The Story of WBSEB” had participated 2 Int. Film Festivals. Chhou Dance of Purulia had participated in 11 International Film Festivals, Krishnajatraparticipated in 6 International Film Festivals Recently Completed: Bahurupiees of Bengal had participated in 2 International Film Festivals

Deoal ( The Wall) – Tele film in Bengali


Dhananjoy Mandal, Film Director
2 National Awards, India
4 International Awards are : * FIPRESCI( Int. Critic ). Award Zanzibar International Film Fest, Tanzania
* “Spl. Prize of Jury” - Int, Environ. Festival. “Green Vision”, Russia
* “Diploma of Honor”, Roshd Int Fest. Iran
* Best Documentary & UNESCO Diploma, Minsk Int. Env. Film Fest, Belarus
* Movie 25 Award for Best Short Fiction film, India


Dhananjoy Mandal, Film Director
Dhananjoy Mandal started his Film career with documentary
Flavour of Craft

Feature Films

i. Talnabami ( The Festival) -- Bengali with English Subtitle
ii. Mela ( The Fair) -- Bengali with English Subtitle

Short Fiction Films

i. Padma Patar Jal ( But Ephemeral ) -- Bengali with English Subtitle
ii. Andhar Periye ( Beyond darkness) -- Bengali

Tele Films

i. Dewall (The Wall) -- Bengali with English Subtitle
ii. Bhara Bari (Rented House)-- Bengali
Documentaries Films
Corporate documentary Films
i. Flavour Of Craft vi. Gangasagar
ii. Bikalpa Shakti vii. Chau Dance Of Purulia
iii. For A Drop of Water viii. Krishnajatra
iv. A Silent Killer ix. Patachitra
v. A Journey With Kakmaras x. Bahurupees of Bengal
i. Non Conventional Source Of Energy In West Bengal ix. Bayu Bidyuter Suru
ii. A Solution x. A Success Story of Arsenic Mitigation
iii. Sagar Towards Sunergy xi. PHE in Gangasagar
iv. Bikalpa Shakti Bhawan xi. …in the valleys of Mango
v. Renewable Energy At Sundarbans xii. Arsenic Contamination in West Bengal
vi. Tale Of Solar Village xvi. The story of WBSEB
vii. Mousunir Aalo xv. Micro Turbine
viii. Beyond Coal  
AD Films

i. On non convention Sources of Energy